Wesen Eavewalker


Wesen is a tall lengthy human with dark hair, crystal blue-gray eyes and hard chiseled features. He carries himself with the grace of a stag, though he’s got the look of a hunter, rather than the hunted about him. He is a hard man, inside and out, and it shows.


Despite his famed reputation as one of the most successful adventurers on the continent of Ver Veris, not much is known regarding Wesen Eavewalker. Wesen is a marksman of unparalleled ability. It is known that Wesen began his career as one of the five adventurers known as the Swamp Dogs who slew the Coven of Hag’s Cove. His efforts in slaying the three hags when the other members of his adventuring group could not made him famous for a time. Many forgot he was human and he was allowed to go places most humans could not. However the passing of time led to the people forgetting his exploits and he soon found himself the same as all other humans. He took a job hunting a creature near the the town of Brookglade where he met Kitani, his wife, and gave up adventuring for a period to be wed to the beauty.

In time Wesen returned to the adventurers life, this time, striking out on his own. He is currently working for an unknown patron searching for lost relics on the continent.

Wesen Eavewalker

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