F # Place
1 The Cutyard
2 The Goose n’ Gander
3 High Market
4 Brookglade Tribunal
5 Baleson’s
6 Low Market
7 Lumber Consortium Headquarters
8 Road to Elara’s halfway house
9 Roots and Remedies
10 The Sitting Duck
11 Church of Sterling
12 Jabbs Butcher Shop
13 Edwards Manor
14 Vade’s Tower
15 Ferry Dock
16 Paper Mill
17 The Rouge Lady

N village

Corruption +1; Crime -3; Economy -1; Law +1; Lore -1; Society -3

Qualities: Insular, Notorious

Danger: +10


Government: Nonstandard (Lumber Consortium)

Population: 800 (300 humans, 300 half-elves, 200 other )

Notable NPCs

Sheriff: Piper Cline

Magistrate: Alic Davis

Lumber Consortium Representative: Forster Edwards


Base Value 650 gp; Purchase Limit 3,750 gp; Spellcasting 3rd

Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items none


Brookglade is a village located at the outskirts of the Bound Wildwood, located about a 7-10 days journey from Wellsgrove The settlement sits only a short distance from the Bound Wildwood and is little more than a logging village, the population being mostly lumbermen working for the Lumber Consortium, hunters and trappers and their families. Most of the buildings and goods in town belong to the Lumber company.

Long ago dwarves settled to the north of Brookglade. Most of the dwarves have long since perished, but many of the wonders they created are rumored to remain buried in long forgotten locations. Yet today it’s a place for the desperate with no other place to go, for outcasts and Humans seeking to be left alone by many of the world’s other races.

Brookglade is the second logging town to be built in Harridan Vale , each built to harvest the region’s rich supplies of darkwood and other lumbers. Danan Esh, the previous logging town, was abandoned about 50 years prior due to being located too close to the western borders of the Bound Wildwood, at which point the village of Brookglade replaced it as the main settlement for logging in the area.

Brookglade is located a short distance from the Bound Wildwood. Most of the village’s population works cutting trees for the Lumber Consortium while the rest work as hunters and trappers in the area. Most of the roads and paths from the village lead to lumber camps operating on the edge of the treelines, while the main road runs close to the River Beldam and eventually leads to Wellsgrove after 7-10 days. The mountain Monotok Ridge dominates the skyline to the northeast

The River Beldam forms a southern boundary below Brookglade, as it passes southeast through the Veiled Fens. The settlement boasts the flow’s only ferry, a fact that helps secure the Consortium’s hold on the region as currently no bridges span the river to provide other means of easy passage.

Life in Brookglade revolves almost completely around harvesting wood, and as such the Lumber Consortium heavily influences the community; the Consortium’s primary representative in the area, Forster Edwards, controls the region by keeping a close eye on what comes in and out of the community. Edwards believes his hold on the town to be complete, he has no issues with using his powers and position for personal gain and he often does just that. However, two members of the population oppose him. Magistrate Alic Davis opposes him behind the scenes, while active sheriff Piper Cline actively opposes Edwards ever since a decision Edwards made caused Piper’s husband to be killed on the job.

Brookglade has a larger then average human population as it is a community founded by Engova. The population has a large influence of half-elves who have become so after being so close to the Bound Wildwood for so many years. The rest of the population is a mismatch of races who have either come to Brookglade in search of adventure or to be forgotten. Working cutting lumber in such a location is an easy way to be forgotten.


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